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Full Word Stencils

Full-word stencils means NO MORE PIECING together individual letters!


Flexible, durable, made from .031" thick plastic. Water or solvent clean-up.


Your multi-character, multi-word text is cut in a single template.


Character sizes available from 1/8" high to 10" high.


Maximum overall size of template is 16" high x 24" wide.

Sample Prices  (multiply character height x 1.8 to yield cost per character)

Character Height

 Price per Character

Less than 1" Quotation
1" $1.80
1-1/2" $2.70
2" $3..60
2-1/2" $4.50
3" $5.40


If you wish to order, provide all ordering details in the "Message"

area or attach WORD, EXCEL, or similar file to an EMAIL.


OR, fax your order to 203-876-0345